Haiti Deaf Academy

Keith and Meredith Henderson

3766 Walker Road

Walker, Iowa 52352
Phone 630-258-1128


Haiti Deaf Academy is a project of CB Deaf Ministry:

We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization # 20-1150550

Fast forward to 2015. When I returned from my first Deaf Team mission trip to Haiti, Keith succinctly summed up my desire to go back to the Haiti Deaf Academy this way, “It’s as if God opened a tiny door in your heart and inside was an ember remaining from your days at the Tennessee School for the Deaf.  With one breathe from Him that love for Deaf children, long forgotten, burst back into flame.”

In many ways God has been preparing us for this position ever since we were married.  We home schooled our children for 18 years. From 2012-2016, we served as House Parents at a ministry home for pregnant women.  Keith’s interests in solar power, woodworking, gardening, bicycles and bike repair are all helpful in Haiti.  My areas of interest include Biblical counseling, nutrition, fitness, sewing, needlework, gardening and education.  I am a nationally certified interpreter with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and have done interpreter training.

Our three children are all married and have blessed us with eight grandchildren.



Our Story

At the age of eighteen, I (Meredith) met a Deaf co-worker in a summer job who began teaching me sign language.  That fall I enrolled in the Deaf Education program at the University of Tennessee.  Two years later I was hired as a Dorm counselor at the Tennessee School for the Deaf and loved working with the deaf students!  In 1978 I graduated with a BA degree in Interpreting for the Deaf from Maryville College. Keith and I also met and married that year.