Fritznelson Saintima

January 28, 2012


His Mother's Story

My name is Mathilde Saintima and I am the mother of five children- three sons and two daughters. Two of my children have significant hearing loss. Neither are able to attend hearing schools. My husband, Fritz, and I tried two different school for Belineda (now age 11) and Fritznelson (now age 6), but were not able to afford the tuition for either school and unfortunately, we had to remove Belineda and Fritznelson from classes.

We love our children dearly and want them all to reach their potential and to know Jesus as their Savior. Without language, neither of those goals seemed realistic for Belineda and Fritznelson. We believe both kids to be very intelligent and it broke our hearts that we could not provide the education they deserved or have the conversations we wanted to share about God's love.

In looking for another option for them, we learned of the Haiti Deaf Academy in Cabaret. We lived Bon Repos at the time, so the daily commute would have be impossible. However, we then realized that Belineda and Fritznelson could live on the HDA property and come home on holidays or even weekends as transportation was available. And we could visit them as often as we were able.