1. Webmaster - At this time we run our entire website ourselves. It is already complete, but needs frequent updates. 
2. Online store manager - We have an online store and need someone who can take photos of our products, add them to the online store, answer questions, ship items that are sold and remove them from the website when we are out of a product. Also, this person is responsible for sending boxes of items to people who want to have a trunk show/fundraiser for the HDA. Keep inventory and help find locations (boutiques etc) to sell our handmade items.
3. Photographer/Videographer - We need someone who can come to Haiti frequently (or lives in Haiti) that can take current professional photos of our kiddos and projects and make mini-videos for our fb page and website. Also we are planning to do a documentary early next year. 
4. Donation Coordinator - Seek specific need donations from product makers (ie. Dell for laptops, Singer for sewing machines etc), seek sponsors to purchase specific donations, keep updated list of needs for teams etc. 
5. Fundraiser Coordinator - Create fundraisers, find other organizations willing to do fundraisers for the HDA (churches, schools etc).
6. State Representatives - Seek speaking engagements to share about the work of the HDA all over your state at churches, schools, conferences etc.

7. Conference Representatives - attend conferences and have a booth and sell our items while sharing about the HDA.

8. Special event planning - This may be hosting a missionary to share about the HDA or a golf tournament to raise money or ???

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions please contact us info@haitideafacademy.com with a letter of introduction, a resume with your experience in the field you would like to serve and at least 2 references.