1. Use our e-mail template to let us know which trip interests you.

2. Complete the  application .You will be prompted to pay a $50 application fee.

3. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail with next step instructions.

4. Pay 50% of the trip fee 60 days before trip and final payment 30 days before travel. Pay on-line...

or make checks payable to:

Haiti Deaf Academy

3766 Walker Road

Walker, Iowa 52352

Note the name of the trip participant in the instruction box.

Please understand that all trip fees are non-refundable. Because trip fees are used for actual expenses (room, food, transportation) they are not considered a donation and are not tax deductible. However, if an individual cancels after payments have been made, funds not already used for payment towards trip expenses will be considered as a general donation to the ministry and can, therefore, be considered tax deductible.

In the event the trip is cancelled due to a safety decision made by the Haiti Deaf Academy for weather, political unrest or other reasons, the trip fees, minus the application fee and deposits made to cover transportation and lodging will be reimbursed.