As a member of this team I agree to:

  • Remember that I am representing Haiti Deaf Academy and, more importantly, Jesus Christ.  I will seek to model Jesus in my behavior and attitude. Be in prayer for my teammates, team leaders and for those with whom we will be in contact.
  • Respect others’ view of Christianity in the context of their culture. I recognize that Christianity has many faces around the world, and that the purpose of this trip is to share the love of God and to experience faith lived out in a new setting.

  • Gift giving and the sharing or personal contact information with Haitians is strictly prohibited.

  • Remember that I am a guest visiting at the invitation of my hosts. I will respect their culture without judgment.

  • Remember that I have come to learn as well as to share. I will resist the temptation to inform our hosts about “how we do things.” I’ll be open to learning about other people’s methods and ideas.

  • Dress modestly, and to only bring luggage and possessions that are determined by Haiti Deaf Academy to be appropriate for the service needs of the mission and the country’s culture. 

  • Develop and maintain a servant’s attitude toward all nationals and my teammates.  I will demonstrate that I am there to serve others and share Christ, while learning and developing relationships.

  • Respect my team leader(s) and respond positively to his/her decisions.

  •  Refrain from any activity that could be construed as a romantic interest in a national or teammate.

  • Abstain from the use, purchase and possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco* and illegal drugs from the beginning of the trip to the end, including at the departure airports and in route. 

  • Watch my language, refrain from discussing politics or other sensitive subjects, and avoid references to the military and to other religious groups or practices.

  • Refrain from teaching or practicing any belief that is not supported by Haiti Deaf Academy.

  • Participate actively in meetings as well as in mission, through sharing opinions, assisting in finding alternatives when necessary, assuming responsibilities and honoring decisions.

  • Keep confidential discussions and personal information shared among team members.Remember that I can be sent home at my expense if there is an irresolvable conflict or lack of adherence to this Covenant.