My Story

Donley is from a town called Saintard, Arcahaie, which is a 15 minute drive west from Cabaret and the Haiti Deaf Academy. He was born hearing but was sick most of the first two years of his life. He became deaf after two years of fever. Though his father does not take care of him because of his deafness and does not live in the area, his mother is devoted to his health and success.

Donley’s mother, Donia, found out about the Haiti Deaf Academy from a friend, and is very happy to have him enrolled.  He came to HDA in 2013 and is often smiling. Soccer is his passion! 

When asked what she would tell Donley if she could communicate with him, she said she wants him to know she asks God to protect him and that she loves him whether he is deaf or not. She said deaf are often pushed to the side but she believes a full life is a possibility for a deaf person.

January 01, 2002


Donley Louisemond