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 ​Haiti Deaf Academy​​ USA Office

3766 Walker Road, Walker, Iowa 52352
Phone 630-258-1128


Haiti Deaf Academy is a project of CB Deaf Ministry:

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization #20-1150550

Suggested donation $25.00



Thank You. May God Bless You!

Donated funds will be used to provide uniforms for students who cannot otherwise afford them. Families able to afford uniforms can purchase uniforms from the Haiti Deaf Academy vocational training program at a fair market price. Income from uniform sales will support the Haiti Deaf Academy in its quest to become self-sustaining. 

          WHO BENEFITS?

Funds will be used to cover the cost of the uniforms and support “Project Deaf Sew/ Pwojè Soud Koud”, providing trainers, sewing machines/material/thread/needles and the cost of generator fuel or batteries/inverters for solar power. 

Uniforms = school. 

Haitians value education and desperately want their children to attend school. However, the students are required to wear uniforms and without them access is denied. If you walk through a Haitian community during a weekday and see children aimlessly wandering around, chances are they will tell you they are not in school because their parents simply could not afford the uniform.
Uniform orders = employment for deaf Haitians.
Job opportunities for deaf Haitians are scarce. But deaf Haitians can sew beautifully! Your donation will fund the uniform, but also support training for a deaf student in the Haiti Deaf Academy. Our teenagers and young adults are learning to sew. While mastering their trade, they are learning business skills and preparing themselves for life in the real world.

In addition to requiring uniforms, schools for the deaf also require dorm housing for their students, as most typically live far away or can’t afford daily transportation. The Haiti Deaf Academy was established in October 2013 to provide housing for deaf students entering two newly established deaf classes in Leveque, Haiti. Forty-six students currently live in the home and a waiting list for at least that many more deaf children already exists. The need is great. Your help is much needed today. 

Donating a uniform provides access to education AND jobs!