Dacheca Cajuste

Dacheca is 18 years old and was born deaf. She has three brothers and two sisters. Her eight year old brother, Raudenel, is deaf and also lives at the Haiti Deaf Academy. Her other brothers and sisters and parents are hearing and live in a nearby town called Archaie. They are a loving Christian family, they know a few signs and they come to visit Dacheca and Raudenel and are happy to have them at home on holidays.

Before coming to the Haiti Deaf Academy, Dacheca lived with her family and stayed busy helping with the clothes washing and playing. She had a few friends but they didn’t know how to sign. Dacheca attended a hearing school, which was difficult without language skills. She is now fluent in Haitian Sign Language and helps tremendously around the HDA dorm.

Dacheca’s father stated that if he could communicate with her and her deaf brother, he would tell them to “Respect each other and the other deaf children in the Home, learn at school and avoid fighting, don’t take what is not yours and love God.” He also said he believes the Deaf can become professionals and help society, just like hearing people. He is very proud of his deaf children.


June 15, 2000

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