Love. Hope. Security. Education. Jobs.

All of these can start with a block wall! 

Groups from Sonova have contributed grants, dollars and gifts in kind and team members have been making a powerful impact in Haiti since 2014. As a partner to the deaf and hearing impaired community, support has been provided for dorm rent, solar lights, food, beds, bicycles, truck repair, generator, shoes, uniforms and much, much more! This community asked and our people responded.

                                                                THE WALL OF HOPE will show the children, our staff,                                                                     the community and the government that we are                                                                             SERIOUS about our work, and not just another agency                                                                     parachuting in! As a permanent solution to                                                                                     overcrowding rent payments, grant proposals are in the                                                                 works to build a campus with a secondary school, larger                                                                 dorms, a permanent hearing health clinic as well as a                                                                     vocational training facility.

Land has been acquired in an ideal location adjacent to the existing deaf community. Prior to facility construction, we must build a perimeter wall to surround the property. Our four and a half acres will allow us to stop turning deaf and hard of hearing children away, which is a regular occurrence with our limited space. We have 50 children living in two moderately sized houses!

Let’s step up to the plate and BUILD THIS WALL!  This is another crucial step in rescuing more children. Let’s take our commitment to the next level and make the Haiti Deaf Academy a reality right now!

To surround this acreage with a wall of love and security  - it must be tall and hurricane/ earthquake proof - we need to raise $150,000 USD. We have consulted with an American firm able to build the wall, hiring and training HAITIANS in the block laying trade.  This is a chance of a lifetime for unskilled and unemployed residents of the nearby deaf community. There are so many wins here!

Be a part of this great story. ANYTHING we raise to start this wall will be encouragement to our Haitian community and will allow the wall construction to begin. Please consider being a groundbreaker for significant change and hope! 


Thank you for supporting the Haiti Deaf Academy!

Haiti Deaf Academy​​

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Haiti Deaf Academy is a project of CB Deaf Ministry:

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